Nice things people have said about me.

For the last ten years, Willow has collaborated with me and my Nike team on a major annual fundraising project for Doernbecher Children's Hospital. The work requires a thoughtful balance of information, sensitivity, humor, and emotion. Throughout her involvement, Willow has always been pitch perfect. I love her enthusiasm for the project and her creative approach each year. She was the right choice by far.

Michael Doherty Nike Creative Director for Global Brand Presentations

We partner with Willow on everything from brand start-ups to brand revitalizations. She’s always game for the challenge and we truly value her contributions to the creative team. Brand communication can be difficult at times, but Willow navigates it with ease and makes both clients and creative partners happy (no small feat). She understands what it takes to get the work done and consistently meets our deadlines. She even has an excellent singing voice. I always look forward to working with Willow.

Kelly Bohls Partner/Project Manager, Sandstrom Design

I had the extreme good fortune to work with Willow at Robley Marketing, and have worked with her in various professional capacities since then. Willow possesses an enviable command of words and has an uncanny ability to breathe life into the most mundane product or service. She also has a proverbial finger on the pulse of all that is trendy and new. She has a quick mind, an eternally positive attitude, and a kind word for everyone. Two words for Willow: She rocks.

Daryle Rico Owner, Daryle Rico Creative Services

I worked closely with Willow on a variety of accounts at Stephan & Brady including Oscar Mayer, Rayovac, and the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (think cheese). She is a free thinker and an idea generator, and she has a wonderful ability to put herself in the shoes of the customer and speak their language with her copy. I have worked with many writers in my time in the ad biz, and Willow is one the best. Collaborative, thoughtful, ambitious and just a damn good writer.

Ross Pierson Creative Team Leader, John Deere

To say Willow is a wordsmith does not do justice to her profound mastery of the English language. Her vocabulary alone is something to be in awe of. (Never play Scrabble against her, you will lose). The speed and elegance of her verbal problem solving has surprised and delighted me over and over. She is never short on great ideas. However, what I find most fabulous about Willow is her character and the positive manner in which she handles project challenges. Wise, thoughtful, smart and witty are all the ingredients of a rare breed indeed: Willow.

Hanna Boone Owner, Hanna Boone Design

Willow is one of the most professional and personable writers I have ever worked with. She really listens to what you want to say and writes with a fun, friendly tone that's exactly how I would speak. She is so easy to work with and I would (and DO) highly recommend her to everyone!